Google Classroom for PWU
Guide for Students

PWU will utilize Google Classroom for its online learning service starting 2nd Trimester Academic Year (AY) 2018-2019.

Access Requirements

  • Internet connection (desktop or mobile)
  • Updated Internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended although you can use other browsers as you wish)
  • Official PWU e-mail account – with the following format: E-MAIL: <student ID number>
    PASSWORD: <student ID number>
    Example: (use lowercase letters)

To emphasize each steps, a visual guide is provided by clicking the View Image icon

Steps (select any method)

Method 1: Join through invitation from your professor

  1. Talk to your professor and request to send Google Classroom invite through your official e-mail.
  2. Open your internet browser, accessGmail and type your official e-mail account.
  3. Check your inbox for the invitation and follow the instruction to enable joining the classroom.

Method 2: Join through class code

  1. Talk to your professor and request for class code for his/her Google Classroom.
  2. Open your internet browser, accessGmail and type your official e-mail account.
  3. Inside Gmail, click the Google apps launcher icon to open the app window.
  4. Click More at the bottom, scroll down and select the Classroom icon  
  5. Inside Classroom, click Create or join a class icon and select Join Class
  6. Type the CLASS CODE given to you by your teacher, and click JOIN.

A Reminder for Students

Taken from Office of the President Memo #080 – SY 2019-2020
March 17, 2020

  1. Undergraduate and Graduate School Enrollment for 3rd Trimester will begin on March 18, Wednesday. This will be done purely ONLINE. For a step-by-step guide on how to complete the online enrollment process, please visit the PWU Website.
  2. Irregular students, or those who for some reason are not able to enroll online, please contact your Dean/Program Chair for a list of the courses you need to take this trimester.
  3. Undergraduate Classes for the 3rd Trimester will begin on March 23, Monday, while Graduate School classes will begin on March 28, Saturday. However, all classes will be conducted online via Google Classroom, at least until April 13.
  4. All Deans and Program Chairs shall release a list of the Google Classroom class codes for their courses which the students must join based on their curriculum. The different schools of the University shall release this information via their official communication channels.
  5. Students who were not able to enroll online may still join the online classes for the 3rd trimester as part of their curriculum upon consultation with their respective Dean/Program Chair.
  6. Due to the 30-day enhanced community quarantine period, unenrolled students will be allowed up until the end of April to complete their enrollment before they are dropped from the official class list. There will be NO LATE ENROLLMENT FEE until April 30, 2020.
  7. All SCHOLARSHIPS and DISCOUNTS shall be processed after the enhanced community quarantine period.

If you wish to contact your respective school/department online, please refer to: Contact Us

You may also leave a message on the feedback form (yellow tab) on this page.