March 1 OPEN HOUSE Entrance Exam Results

Hi seniors! Thank you for attending the Open House last March 1. It sure was a a fun filled day!

Congratulations to all those who passed! We hope to see you in our campus next school year! :)

On what to do for the next step, you may call our Admissions Office at 339-2159 or our Marketing and Recruitment Office at 354-8741 to 43. Don’t forget to avail of our Special Gift exclusively for you!

Here are the names:

  1. Lou Rachel Serrano
  2. Kimberly Manogbanag
  3. Aira Vianice Ceril
  4. Nenita Vallejo
  5. Anne Danielle Gana
  6. Ronalita De Vera
  7. Anjellene Mae Manero
  8. Denise Nicole Quirabo
  9. Jovelyn Villar
  10. Diana Jane Sevillaga
  11. Nethania Narvaja
  12. Kent Manuel Bernadas
  13. Edrian Herbas
  14. Shayne Mitzi Lumabao
  15. Nhell Jhan Montana
  16. Wrenz Joseph Dalisay
  17. Norvina Quezon Dialangan
  18. Norhata Quezon Dialangan
  19. Xavier John Garcia
  20. Suzane Andrea Lalabana
  21. Gerald Dioquino
  22. Royette Ariola
  23. Joy Olavario
  24. Danielle Gabrielle De Guzman
  25. Michelle Villanueva
  26. Henry Sta. Ana
  27. Beatrice Eunice Tusay
  28. Kenneth Poriseca
  29. Divine Grace De Guzman
  30. Michelle Madronero
  31. Christal Jane Quezada
  32. Ma. Teresa Chua
  33. Angelika Anne Macarang
  34. Ana Rae Toralba
  35. Lovely Mae Palles
  36. Rosemarie Pimentel
  37. Charisse Sapitin

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