95th Founding Anniversary Activity Line Up

Posted: February 12, 2014

February 10, 2014
• Thanksgiving Mass and Launch Day of the University Month Celebration
Venue: Bayanihan Paseo
• Fiesta Parade
• Exhibition Games

February 12, 2014
• Nutrition Clinic FREE Assessment hosted by the School of Nutrition
Venue: HZB Hall near the Church entrance

February 13, 2014
• Teacher’s and Student’s Day
Venue: Concert Hall
• Miss Pharmacy Pageant
Venue: Concert Hall

February 14, 2014
• Isang Araw Film Showing hosted by the School of Pharmacy
Venue: AVR
• JASMS Manila Teacher’s Day
Venue: JASMS Manila Quadrangle

February 14 – 16, 2014
• Admin, Faculty and Staff Immersion/Inculturation Trip to Ilocos
Venue: Ilocos

February 15, 2014
• Junior Senior Promenade of JASMS Manila
Venue: CB Hall

February 16, 2014
• Cirque de PWU: Grand Alumni Reunion
Venue: Le Pavilion, Roxas Boulevard

February 17 – 21, 2014
• Exhibit on “This is the Philippines: It’s More Fun in the Philippines”
Venue: Bayanihan Paseo

February 18, 2014
• Seminar on Environmental Justice: The Pathway to Sustainable Development
Venue: CB Hall
• Round Table Discussion on College Readiness Program for Grades 11 and 12
Venue: CB Hall

February 19, 2014
• President’s Convocation with Dr. Francisco Benitez
Venue: Concert Hall

February 20, 2014
• Seminar on Histotechniques hosted by the School of Medical Technology
Venue: CB Hall

February 21, 2014
• University Recognition for Employees
Venue: CB Hall
• Rondalla Concert
Venue: Concert Hall
• JMDAA Love Day to the Assosacion de Damas de Filipinas Settlement House
Venue: Quirino Ave, Paco Manila
• Community Engagement Activity

February 22, 2014
• Trends in Social Research: A Conversation with PWU Administrators and Deans
Venue: Seminar Room 7 and 8
• Junior Senior Promenade PWU High School
Venue: Midas Hotel

February 23, 2014
• Grand Alumni Reunion of PWU JASMS Quezon City
Venue: Philamlife Club House Quezon City

February 26-28, 2014
• Hospitality Management and Food Technology Week

Theme: Excellence and Innovation in Hospitality Management and Food Technology
Activities lined up are:

  • Flare Tending Competition
  • Junior Master Chef Competition for High School Students
  • Pasta Live Competition for High School Students
  • Quiz Bee
  • Plus several seminars
Venue: Taft Campus

February 27, 2014
• Community Engagement
Venue: Sitio, Talanay, Quezon City

February 28, 2014
• University Recognition for Students
Venue: CB Hall

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