Approved New Underwood Scholars For SY 2015-2016

Updated: April 8, 2015

The Edward and Eva Lara Underwood Foundation has approved thirty three (33) new scholars at PWU making a total of 76 scholars the Foundation will support for school year 2015-2016, as announced through the PWU Scholarship Committee by Mr. Ronald Gerzabek, Underwood Foundation director.

The 33 new grantees, see list below, will join 66 incumbent grantees, 23 of whom are on track to graduate in the coming school year, thus paving the way for new grantees in 2015-2016.

Underwood scholarships normally cover tuition plus miscellaneous and other related expenses. They are funded from the estate of the late Edward and Eva Lara Underwood. The couple were close personal friends of Dr. Helena Z Benitez, PWU Chairperson. Mrs. Underwood herself was a PWU alumna.

SY 2015-2016 New Scholars:

  1. ABLOLA, Jhewell Claire D.
  2. AGUILA, Ariane Joy S.
  3. ALONZO, Brandt Exequiel
  4. ANDINO, Michaela Nina B.
  5. ARCIAGA, Radjen Joseph M.
  6. BALLARAN, Jade Ann C.
  7. BAUTISTA, Jasmin
  8. BIGLANG AWA, Kristin Erika B.
  9. BOLOK, Nyco Renz R.
  10. DAYOK, Robert M.
  11. GAMBONG, Elanmae H.
  12. GUERRERO, Chelsa Anne
  13. HAMSA, Nodjiods H.
  14. KAMIMURA, Ken Ryan A.
  15. LEONARDO, Joshua Kobe
  16. LOSANO, Judy Ann
  17. LUMABI, Patrice
  18. MAAT, Jonalene B.
  19. MANALANG, Vianna Patrisha
  20. MARTICIO, Eloise Kate G.
  21. MEDICIL, Rovelyn Maan D.
  22. MIJARES, Ma. Danialle Gabrielle J.
  23. MISTAL, Kristal Ane P.
  24. OBINGAL, Francis
  25. QUINTO, Liberty J.
  26. ROBLES, Jericho Z.
  27. ROMERO, Hannah Abigael
  28. SAN JOSE, Jan D.
  29. SAVARIZ, Maria Ferlyn B.
  30. SENAR, Meliza
  31. SIAPNO, Abigail
  32. TAMPOS, Ashlie Ramirez
  33. TARUSAN, Rea Joy M.
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