Good to Great

“What is the enemy of great?” Asked Jinggay Gallardo, as she challenged key PWU personnel during a recent “Brandwashing” workshop held on May 30, 2015 in the Taft Avenue campus. Jinggay, a JASMS alumna who now heads Pilot Consulting, and her fellow marketing expert Agnes Moulic, steered 34 teaching and non-teaching personnel through a series of branding exercises and discussions designed to clarify the PWU brand. PWU president Dr. Francisco B. Benitez and SVP Rina S. Filart led the workshop participants as they deconstructed the key ideas behind the iconic PWU brand. “Good is the enemy of great” was one of the takeaways from the workshop and for an institution that has been around as long as PWU, the participants concluded that “good” was not enough so they jointly resolved to go for great as PWU moves forward to its 100 year mark.

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