Lesotho Envoy Visits PWU

Posted: June 11, 2015

Lesotho is a mountainous country completely surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho (also known as the “Kingdom in the Sky”) has a population of 2M inhabitants, one of whom is a student at PWU. This tenuous connection was enough to pique the interest of H.E. Ambassador Richard Ramoeletal, Lesotho’s Ambassador to the Philippines - whose visit to PWU was arranged by Portugal’s Honorary Consul in Manila, Antonio Rufino. Amb. Ramoeletal discussed the possibility of sending more students from his country to PWU, and was particularly interested in PWU’s allied health programs (Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Nursing and Nutrition) and its Hospitality Management and Tourism courses. “Anywhere you go in Asia, you are met with such warmth and hospitality. We need to learn some of that in Lesotho,” observed Amb. Ramoeletal. He was accompanied by his wife, who took note of the fact that PWU was the first private school in the Philippines to offer a degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Economics since she herself had studied H.E. at school. PWU Media Director Lydia B. Brown welcomed the group’s visit as it raises the possibility of more students from Lesotho studying at PWU and enriching the cultural diversity of the PWU community.

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