Lucy Naguit Pendon at PWU

“Behavior influences behavior” or B-I-B is the life’s lesson that PWU alumna Lucy Naguit Pendon shared with PWU students and faculty during her recent lecture on “The Pursuit of a Productive Civic and Professional Life in America.”

Mrs. Pendon who is a retired nursing professional, recounted how she first came to PWU at the age of 5 and was so taken by the campus that she asked then President Mrs. Francisca Tirona Benitez to allow her to stay. “Mama B” agreed and Lucy became the youngest border at PWU’s dormitory where she stayed throughout her kindergarten, elementary, high school and Freshman year (transferring only in the 1950s because at that time, PWU did not yet offer Nursing).Mrs. Pendon fondly recalled her PWU days for students from the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Nursing. She recounted how she and her friends actively participated in campus life including caring for an indigent woman named “Aling Linda” and how this early experience inspired a lifetime’s commitment to serving the community.

After obtaining her Masters in Nursing from U.P. she went to the U.S, and accepted a staff position after being turned down for a more senior post because she was deemed “unqualified.” She rose steadily through the ranks and later served as President of the Texas Society for Health Care Education and a member of the Board of Directors for the American Society for Healthcare Education and Training. When asked how she dealt with racism in the workplace Mrs. Pendon replied, “I just worked harder and always maintained a positive attitude.”

Accompanied by her husband Greg and 3 of their granddaughters, Mrs. Pendon toured PWU after her lecture which was organized by the PWU Alumni Foundation. Dr. Maria Lim Ayuyao and Dr. Alicia Lustre moderated an Open Forum with Mrs. Pendon sharing experiences and insights about how their PWU training helped them succeed in their respective careers.