Health Advisory: Prevalence of Conjunctivitis

Office of the SVPO Memo #003 SY2015-2015
August 20, 2015

Viral conjunctivitis (sore eyes) cases are on the rise hence the PWU community is advised of the following:

The disease is highly contagious and transmitted by direct contact with infected individuals or surfaces they have come in contact with, e.g. door knobs, banisters, elevator buttons, keyboards, etc.

Strict, adequate hand washing is an effective precaution as well as good personal hygiene.

Signs and symptoms are eye redness and itch or pain, swollen, tender eyelids and excessive tearing or crusting.

Afflicted individuals are advised to consult with an ophthalmologist.

Students and personnel with viral conjunctivitis will be sent home to mitigate the rate of spread within the PWU community. Return to school or work will require a written clearance from an ophthalmologist.

Please be guided accordingly.


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