Sounds of Christmas

“Live from the PWU Campus on Taft Avenue...” is a welcome option for traffic challenged people who do not want to miss any of PWU’s multi-faceted events.

“Sounds of Christmas” from PWU’s School of Music was live streamed from the campus on December 14 and can be viewed on YouTube starting at 44:00

The concert showcased the breadth of PWU talents ranging from the Gongs of PWU “Indayog Tidtu” under the direction of Lilymae F. Manalo; the Guitar Ensemble under Monching Carpio; the Brass Ensemble under Benedicto de la Peret; the Chorus Classes under Armin Comon and the Vocal Ensemble under Director Christopher Borela. Video coverage of the event was provided by Communication Arts students from PWU’s School of Arts & Sciences. Dr. Kristina Benitez, Dean of PWU’s School of Music announced that these performances will be presented every trimester to highlight the diverse programs of the School of Music, which has long been recognized as a Center of Excellence for its teaching and research initiatives.

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