Map Exhibit at PWU

The Philippine Map Collectors Society (PHIMCOS) opened its roving exhibit called “Ang Paglalatag ng Pilipinas sa Mapa” (English translation “Putting the Philippines on the Map”) at PWU’s HZB Hall on Taft Avenue. The main objective of the exhibit is to show how the mapping of the Philippines came about through the centuries.

Dr.Leovino Garcia, anthropologist historian and professor will give a lecture to cap the exhibit on Friday, February 5 at 10am at PWU’s CB Hall. Dr. Garcia will explain how important maps are in finding our place in the world, He observed, “maps instruct us about our history and identity. Maps give us a sense of self esteem.”

The Map Exhibit will run from January 25 to February 5, 2016 and is organized by PWU’s Schools of Arts & Sciences, International Relations and Diplomacy, Tourism and Fine Arts & Design in cooperation with the Philippine Map Collectors Society.

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