3D toys on Philippine vernacular architecture

The Philippine Women’s University, through the School of Fine Arts and Design, will be hosting a lecture presentation by Architect Gloryrose A. Dy on “Designing Toys to Mainstream Mindanao Vernacular Architecture” (The Balay-Balay 3D Architecture Puzzle Social Enterprise) that will be held on Friday, August 19, Friday, 10 AM - 12 PM at Conrado Benitez Hall. A discussion with students and faculty will follow after the presentation.

Architect Dy is a social entrepreneur who heads the design and innovation department of Switotwins, Inc. a social and creative enterprise with products ranging from digital storytelling to architecture and book publishing. The social enterprise has won various awards, some of which are from Smart PayItforward, Google Business Group Stories, Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development South East Asia, Great Impact SouthEast-Asia and ITU World Young Innovators Challenge 2015.

One of the programs under SwitoTwins, Inc. which Architect Dy heads is the Balay Balay 3D Architecture puzzles that are scaled replicas of Filipino architectural landmarks, indigenous houses, traditional spaces and vernacular architecture made for adults and children. The social enterprise is currently a finalist in the 2016 BPI Sinag Accelerate Awards.

For her talk, Architect Dy will focus on the creation of the Maranao Toroggan 3D architecture puzzle. She will talk a bit about ideation in the context of social entrepreneurship, and will provide a brief history of how she came up with the concept behind making 3D toys on Philippine vernacular architecture especially from Mindanao.

As a dancer and choreographer, Architect Dy is also passionate abuot doing research that leads to an understanding of how “kinesthetic space” is a major element of how spaces can be “properly” designed and how a “properly” designed space can help in cultural heritage conservation.

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