2016 SineNanay Festival at PWU

(Posted December 15, 2016)

“Make Your Nanay Proud” Foundation is holding its 2nd Annual SineNanay Awards Night at the Philippine Women’s University Concert Hall on Taft Avenue on Friday, December 16 at 7:30pm.

The primary goal of the SineNanay Festival is to encourage students from various colleges and universities to explore, interpret and capture images of the different aspects of motherhood. Students are encouraged to use their mobile phones and tablets to create images which honor their mothers.

Dr. Boy R. Abunda, Founder and Chairman of MYNP Foundation strongly believes in the transformative role that mothers play in our society and was inspired by his own mother to successfully pursue his doctoral studies in community development at PWU.

For more information on the SineNanay Festival email mynpfoundationinc@gmail.com or call tel. 413-5868.

Photo credit: MYNP Foundation

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