SFAD Interior Design Floral and Furnishing Exhibits at HZB Hall

Contemporary Floral Styles for a table-top floral arrangement is this year’s theme for the Floral Exhibition of the Materials and Resources Class of the SFAD Interior Design students under Prof. Che Ellson at the Helena Z Benitez Hall.

According to Prof. Ellson, the students presented various contemporary styles, ranging from styles such as Underwater, Framed-parallel, Parallel, Mille-Fleurs, Miniature, Beidermeier, Stretch, Naturalistic-Landscape, Western Line, and Free-form.

The Floral Design student exhibitors are: Hadil Al-Qadasi, Ken Reyes, Gea Johnson, Lakambini Castro, Eloisa Diosay, Frances Laron, Kimberly Sultan, Philip Linga, Denise Balasta, Adearlson Fuentes, Daniel Orante, Tim Cortez, and Angelika Revecho.

Meanwhile, linens on the bed, rugs on the floor, slipcovers on the sofa all work to ease one’s stress, shield one from life’s harsh realities and help one’s way of living become truly an experience.

The Materials and Resources 2 class of SFAD Interior Design under Prof. Melanie S. Botor presents ‘Soft Opening’ - an exhibit of handmade interpretations of soft furnishings in the interior to ‘open’ one’s mind to the different ways people live.

The interior designer has at his disposal materials that can promote the user‘s quality of life. Soft materials for the floor, walls, windows and ceiling all serve to make spaces more comfortable and humane.

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