Posted: January 23, 2018

The sophomore year of the PWU SFAD Painting Program is a vital transition from the skills-building and visual exercises of foundation subjects of the freshman year, and is meant to lead the students towards the conceptual and research-based direction of the Painting Thesis at the third or senior year. The major courses on this year reflect the secondary phase of preparation that will guide the student towards meeting the contextual and production processes in the implementation of a thesis project.

Highlighted in this exhibit are the current outputs that have emanated from the Techniques 4 and Painting 1 courses under Noel Soler Cuizon. The uniform instruction was to form a polyptych of nine one-foot square works, each of which would present a drawing and painting technique on an appropriate surface, ranging from ala prima, glazing, scumbling, applying a velatura, imprimatur, grisaille, bistre and sgraffito; at the same time, the students were required to compose a synergy of these approaches into a composite three by three-feet square work. Other than these requirements, the students were free to choose their subject and particular visual narratives.

Within the gallery walls, the works resulting from these initial problems were subjected to a final round of problem-solving to be able to achieve a unified connection and a sound exhibition design. Thus, the revision of the pictorial plane from the symmetrical balance of a three-foot square composition, presented more varied approaches in visual organization through synergy, synoptic narrative, progressive and sequential narrative, clue diptych, time capsule and metamorphosis in art.

Uno is familiar as a word for one. But in the context of this exhibit, it is expressed more for its unifying agency rather than for its denotations of the first or the singular. Uno is also meant to convey the stability and the expansive capability of the square, through which a conundrum of techniques, applications and expressions have been configured into a cohesive suite of diverse expressions and perspectives by these student artists.

Altogether, the exhibit chronicles attempts at achieving oneness. These works play pictorial games that depict the consciousness of self expanding and interacting with the connotations derived and the new meanings made about humanity and the world. How these students perceive the realm of nature, and the flora and fauna that thrive in it; how they deal with the inequities in society; and how they manipulate the diversity of identities that one could conjure through media and technology; all these give us a sense of immersive and observant thought processes that are synthesized into individuated provocative visual experiences.

Squared as encounters that go outward as much as inward, Uno is a visual adventure through unhinged dimensions.

– Karen Ocampo Flores

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