PWU SFAD JCB Studio Gallery presents LAMAN LOOB Thesis Exhibit by Studio Arts Majors

Posted: July 5, 2018


LAMAN LOOB is the thesis exhibit of Studio Arts majors Matthew Mantala, Ancer Villacruel, Lance Valenzuela, Elijah Abad and Iñigo Diaz, all undergrads of PWU School of Fine Arts and Design.

This exhibit is the culmination of the thesis process that began with topic research and the conduct of art workshops as research with creatives in the First Semester; the implementation of pre-thesis projects that inquired into the function of art object, dialogue and location in the interface between studio processes and communities in the Second Semester; and the execution and installation of the Final Thesis Project this Third Trimester in completion of Senior Requirements for school year 2017-2018.

LAMAN LOOB are statements about ways of looking inward that become translated into trajectories of art making with the communities that define the artists’ concerns about identity, memory, family, and the fetishisms and dichotomies that become part of inner and outward conflicts in today’s society.

Thesis as inquiry are transformed into methodologies of iconography, consolidation and fragmentation through renditions that culminate into the paintings, assemblages and sculptural objects that will be encountered through the projects exhibited.

The Artists’ Reception will be on July 7, 6:00pm and will be preceded by the defense through a panel comprised of notable artists Mark Justiniani, Iggy Rodriguez and Wesley Valenzuela from 11:00 to 5:00pm. All activities will be held at the PWU SFAD JCB Studio Gallery.

The PWU Community is cordially invited!

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