PWU Christmas Outreach 2018

Posted: December 12, 2018

Volunteers from PWU ventured out of the university walls to connect with the neighboring communities during the PWU’s annual Christmas Outreach. The series of gift-giving and feeding activities were organized by the University Community Outreach Program (UNICORP) in partnership with three groups: the Kaisahan ng Magulang at Anak na May Kapansanan Inc. (KAISAKA), the Social Development Center in Pasay City, and Simulan Natin Gumawa (SINAG) Eco-center.

Over the course of four days (December 6, 7, 9 & 12), PWU faculty, students and staff shared their time and gave food bags and school supplies to 260 beneficiaries composed of children with disabilities, children in need of special protection, and fathers from barangay Loyola Heights in Quezon City and elderly from Mandaluyong City. It was a great opportunity for the PWU family to identify with other communities and spread the holiday spirit through kindness and generosity.

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