Ged Merino’s “Kuwentong Kutsero”

Posted: February 15, 2019

“Kuwentong Kutsero” is the forthcoming exhibit of New York-based Filipino visual artist Ged Merino. Opening on February 17, 2019 at the Museo de Intramuros in San Ignacio Church, this multi-media show pays tribute to the Kutsero and the once-ubiquitous Kalesa as historical custodian and embodiment of our colonial past. The exhibit features the artist’s various depictions of the Kalesa surrounded by audio-visual installations, with authentic kutseros acting as gallery guides.

Prior to living in New York, Ged Merino was based in Manila as a student at the PWU School of Fine Arts and Design, where he received his foundational training in the art of printmaking. It is no wonder then that for his latest project, he returned to his PWU roots for production support. Kudos to PWU SFAD students Elijah Abad, Ivan Castrillo, Mario Guioguio, Jay-ar Zaragoza, Matthew Mantala, and Lance Valenzuela for lending their valuable assistance to this innovative project.

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