JASMS Faculty Development Seminar 2019

Posted: July 13, 2019

The PWU-JASMS Basic Education Teachers of Manila and Quezon City held a Faculty Development Seminar on July 1 to 9, 2019 with sessions at the PWU Seminar Room 2 and JASMS QC on Congressional Avenue.

The seminar provided the old and new JASMS teachers a deeper understanding of the JASMS philosophy and way of work through the following topics: JASMS History, Mission-Vision, 7 Pillars, Philosophy, Development Principles, What is a JASMS Teacher, Core Curriculum, Differentiating Instruction, Classroom Strategies, Rubrics, Grading System, Assessment and Lesson Closure.

Dr. Felina Young, SVP for Academic Affairs and Chancellor, who discussed the organizational structure of the Basic Ed, said that she takes pride that PWU JASMS pioneered in the progressive education approach and shared that during her travels abroad, she noted that academic institutions are also into innovations in their curriculum much like JASMS.

The seminar-workshop was a combination of insightful discussions, lectures, sharing of experiences, individual and group writing and reporting which designed to prepare the teachers for the coming school year.

Overall in charge were PWU JASMS Executive Director Remedios Cruz, Principals Dianne Gutierrez and Lorie Catuiran, the Asst. Principals and the Academic-Level Coordinators.

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