JASMS Teacher to Vienna

Posted: August 29, 2019

Jewel Presente, a JASMS Manila Grade 1 teacher, is one of the two Filipino representatives invited to attend the International High Level Conference on “Education for the Rule of Law: Inspire. Change. Together.” The conference will be held on October 7-9, 2019 at the Vienna International Center at Vienna, Austria.

The event convenes policymakers from different fields (such as Ministries of Education and Ministries of Justice), educators and academics to build bridges between these communities and discuss innovative ways to empower the next generation of change makers.

The initiative is part of the Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration, which was adopted by the Thirteenth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in 2015. The declaration recognizes the fundamental importance of universal education for children and youth, for the prevention of crime terrorism and corruption.

JASMS was one of the two Philippine schools invited to participate in the conference, along with the Manila Science High School. Ms. Presente’s achievement brings pride to JASMS and to the PWU community.

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