Shown from left: JASMS QC Student Council President Regina Louise M. de Guzman; JASMS QC Asst. Principal Norman Ramirez; Ellen Villasoto, JASMS QC Student Activities Coordinator; JASMS Pricipal Diane Gutierrez; Toro Hills Elementary School Principal George Melegrito and Outreach Coordinator Friday Galilea.

Grade 12 students preparing the kalabasa-malunggay meatballs, a healthy spin on a traditional recipe.

JASMS students entertain the Toro Hills kids with a game of bato-bato-pik while waiting for food to be served.

Toro Hills students enjoying their nutritious meal.

JASMS QC Feeding Program

Posted: September 6, 2019

For the past 2 years, PWU JASMS QC has been working with Toro Hills Elementary School in Project 8, Quezon City to deliver a school-based feeding program for their malnourished young students. These efforts met with great success as healthy weight targets for the participants were reached by the end of each year.

PWU JASMS QC continues its partnership with Toro Hills this year, this time for their students from indigent families. This was formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement last Wednesday, September 4, 2019, by JASMS QC Principal Diana Guttierez and Toro Hills Principal George Melegrito. The agreement was witnessed by JASMS QC Asst. Principal Norman Ramirez, JASMS QC Student Activity Coordinator Eleanor Villasoto, and Toro Hills Outreach Coordinator Friday Galilea.

The JASMS QC student council and Grade 12 students organized a short program for the Toro Hills children, which included an energetic Zumba session and fun games. Lunch was served soon after, and the kids visibly enjoyed the kalabasa-malunggay meatballs, a healthy twist to traditional meatballs, prepared by the JASMS students.

Addressing the group, Principal Melegrito thanked JASMS QC for their continued support. He remarked that feeding programs such as this not only address the issue of malnutrition in school-aged children; they are also proven to be effective interventions against absenteeism in public elementary schools.

JASMS students also benefit from the feeding program. According to JASMS QC Principal Diana Guttierez, students learn to design menus within a prescribed budget, and prepare nutritious and creative meals that incorporate local vegetables. More importantly, they are given the invaluable opportunity of contributing positively to the community.

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