Research Colloquium 2019 on Global Trends in Food Safety Management

Updated: October 1, 2019

The Graduate students of the School of Food Science & Technology under the classes of Ms. Maria Divina Alacsabas and Engr. Menandro Ortego spearheaded 2019 Research Colloquium on Global Trends on Food Safety and Quality Management last September 24, 2019 at the Conrado Benitez Hall of the Philippine Women’s University, Manila.

The research colloquium focused on the latest trends in food handling and food quality management, presenting innovative ideas in responding to the rampant needs in the food industry to ensure confidence in delivering quality food to different consumers.

Different food industry experts like Ms. Elizabeth Pechon, (Pureblends Corporation), Mr. Frel Cajuyong (Researcher, Research and Development Center, Army Support Command), Ms. Maria Adela Jessa G. Evangelista (Sysu International, Inc.), Engr. Lyle M. Melad (Nestle Philippines), Mr. Glenn Hyde Dela Cruz (Food Safety and Hygiene Academy of the Philippines), Ms. Cristina Almonte (San Miguel Foods Corporation), and Ms. Kristina Ondillo (Regitech Consultancy and Services, Inc.) gave their insights on different aspects of the food industry.

Posted: September 20, 2019

The School of Food Science and Technology will hold a Research Colloquium on Global Trends in Food Safety Management on September 24, 2019, from 8 AM to 5 PM at the Conrado Benitez Hall.

Organized by the Graduate Students of Food Safety Management and Food Science, the activity will present current trends and innovative solutions for the ever-changing needs in the food industry to ensure confidence in the delivery of high quality and safe food for consumers.

Part I Food Science in Action: Sustainable Food Supply through Eco-Friendly Technologies will feature the following topics and speakers: Feed Your Future: Experience Food Beyond the Palate – Elizabeth Angelica Pechon; Food Additives: Boon or Bane – Frel M. Cajuyong; Biopackaging: Moving Clear of Plastics – Maria Adela Jessa G. Evangelista.

Topics and speakers for Part IIGlobalizing the Food Business: Winning Consumers through Food Safety Strategies are Food at your fingertips – Engr. Lyle M. Melad; Food Safety Control: Proactive and Reactive Approaches to Food Establishments – Glenn Hyde Dela Cruz; Leading the Competition through Established Food Safety Management System – Cristina R. Almonte and Tamper-Proof Your Food: An Overview on Food Defense – Ma. Kristina Loretta L. Ondillo.

The Registration fee of Php1,200.00 includes training materials, lunch and two (2) snacks. Interested participants may call the School of Food Science and Technology at Tel. No. +63 (2) 526-8421 local 145

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