“Depressed Ka Ba? or Sad Ka Lang?” Seminar

Posted: September 26, 2019

“Self-care for the physical, psycho-social, and spiritual aspects is essential to be able to carry on life’s challenges” advised Dr. Domingo R. Rayco, Jr. RGC, RPsy during the recent “Depressed Ka Ba or Sad Ka Lang?” Seminar held last September 2, 2019 at the NBB Hall of the Philippine Women’s University.

Dr. Rayco, is the Psychology Unit Head at the Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital, Tala, Caloocan City, Consulting Psychologist of Catholic Seminaries & OFW Diagnostic Centers and formerly a PWU Guidance Counselor.

The seminar aimed to clarify the terms depression, grief and sadness which were the common excuses of students for non appearance in classes and other activities. Dr. Rayco described grief and sadness as more normal feelings and that depression is when the mood is more persistent, pervasive and makes one feel worthless. He engaged the participants through related activities to determine symptoms of depression. Group work and sharing ere included to be able to validate the participants’ experiences.

Participants were PWU students of Psychology, Information Technology, Communication Arts, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Social Work, Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Accountancy, and Music Education.

This TLS activity was organized by the Psychology Department of the PWU School of Arts and Sciences.

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