. Light UP PWU 2019


Light UP PWU 2019

Posted: November 23, 2019

A glittering array of lights and sounds ushered in the holiday season as the Philippine Women’s University gathered for its annual “Light Up PWU” activity on November 8, 2019. Students and employees enjoyed songs and dances paying tribute to PWU’s 100 year history then congregated in front of the iconic facade for the ceremony.

PWU president Marco Benitez hoisted a symbolic “parol” as the PWU drummers accompanied the cheering crowd. Performances from students of PWU CDCEC Bataan, PWU Vocal Ensemble, The PWU Gongs Ensemble, and JASMS Rondalla added the “Christmas” feel of the event. The event was presented by C-CAMS (Center of Culture, Arts, Music and Sports) headed by Dr. Suzie M. Benitez.

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