Sari-Sari stores are synonymous to the words individuality and togetherness, whether it be the diversity of people that come visit the store, the assortment of available items and goods, or maybe the idea of taking a rest and creating a connection with the local manang or kuya running the store. We’ve decided to take this concept and add our own little creative twist to it to give you our theme for this school year’s annual JASMS QC Art Week: “SARI-SARILI”!

SARI-SARILI takes its name from combining the Filipino words Sari-Sari (Variety-Variety in English), and Sarili (Individual in English). It was through looking for a way to both incorporate the NCAA’s (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) National Art Month theme: Ani ng Sining, and encompass the JASMS way of “finding a variety of opportunities for creative expression” that we ended up with the epiphany of using the idea of Sari-Sari stores as our main theme and aesthetic focus.

This school year 2019-2020 marks the first fully student-organized JASMS QC Art Week, lead by the Grade 11 & 12 Visual Arts students. Exhibit runs from February 12-14, 2020

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