Academic Guidelines for the 3rd Trimester 2019-2020

Chancellor/SVP for Academic Affairs Memo #01 – SY 2019-2020
April 23, 2020

COVID-19 caught the entire global community by surprise and as a result, the Philippine Government declared the Enhanced Community Quarantine last March 15, 2020. As a University that is bound and faithful to its educational commitment, Philippine Women’s University adopted flexible alternative learning approaches to scale to the challenge. Online classes coupled with the use of other creative social networking platforms are being optimized in this critical time. However, everyone knows that the learning approach is not perfect due to reasons like poor WIFI connection, no Internet access, no laptops, and no capacity to buy load. In light of these challenges, the University has decided on the following:

Academic Calendar

The 3rd Trimester SY 2019-2020 will end as scheduled on June 20, 2020. However, no additional assignments or requirements shall be posted after 11:59 pm of May 30, 2020. The remaining weeks from June 1 to 20, 2020 may be used for consultations and submissions of all course requirements.

Course Work

  1. In giving the course workload, the faculty are expected to give reasonable course requirements without sacrificing the course content. Requirements must be doable offline (i.e. low bandwidth, downloadable assignments) considering that some students have slow to no internet connection, and may be submitted towards the end of the ECQ or the trimester.
  2. Synchronous, online sessions, live quizzes and tests may be conducted provided that these will not be a basis of attendance, the materials are made accessible to those unable to participate, and that offline students shall not be penalized;
  3. Pre-requisite subject requirements will be waived; meaning, students taking prerequisites right now will be allowed to take the next course regardless of their grade for the prerequisite;
  4. In addition, PWU supports CHED’s policy on LENIENCY, requesting all our faculty to exercise utmost leniency and consideration with respect to academic requirements;

Grading System

  1. The grading system for this 3rd Trimester SY 2019-2020 shall either be a PASS (P), or an Incomplete (INC).
  2. If a student passesthe minimum course requirements, he/she will get a PASS (P) Grade.
  3. If a student fails to comply with the course requirements, he/she will get an INCOMPLETE Grade (INC). The student will be allowed to comply with the course requirements until the end of the 1st Trimester SY 2020-2021. After which, he/she will be given a PASS grade. Students unable to comply with the course requirements will get a WITHDRAW/FAIL (W/F) Grade, and will have to retake the course;
  4. Students with an INCOMPLETE grade may sit in classes of the same course in the first trimester of SY 2020-2021, regardless of faculty, without having to pay any additional fees, provided that slots are available.
  5. The computation of the General Weighted Average (GWA) willnot be computed for this 3rd Trimester; and will not be included in the requirements for scholarships, nor in the computation of honors
  6. The Graduate Studies Programs will maintain its numerical grading system.

Practicum/Internship Classes

  1. For practicum/internship classes, students will not be allowed to return to their practicum/internship sites, and
  2. For the uncompleted required number of hours, the student can work on flexible alternative learning activities like portfolios, case studies, and assignments that are related to the course.

Thesis/Dissertation Defense

For thesis/dissertation defense, the University will come up with separate guidelines depending on CHED’s Advisory after the end of the Enhanced Community Quarantine on April 30, 2020.


Due to the fluid nature of this crisis and the inherent risks of holding large public gatherings, Graduation Rites will sadly not be held as scheduled on July 18, 2020. The University is looking at possible scenarios which includes:

  1. Holding Graduation Rites sometime between October to December 2020,
  2. Holding Graduation Rites in July 2021 together with Batch 2020-2021, or
  3. Cancelling Graduation Rites altogether as a last option.

Note that regardless of which option will materialize, transcripts of records and diplomas will be released on time as students will need these to apply for jobs or further studies. The Registrar’s Office shall issue a separate memo on the release of these records.

Dr. Felina C. Young

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