IFLCS presents Talk Series on Building Moral Intelligence

With the steady rise of anxiety, bullying, apathy, depression, aggression, substance abuse, and a corresponding decline in respect, civility, personal accountability, and honesty among today’s youth, we believe that a key value that needs particular emphasis is the formation of moral intelligence among students. Moral intelligence is the learned capacity to decipher right from wrong, choose what is right, and behave morally.

PWU IFLCS presents a series of talks on “Building Moral Intelligence” to be given by Mr. Emmanuel “Mann” Rentoy on September 4, Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm and September 5, 2020, Saturday, 10:00am-11:30am on Facebook Live via PWU.OfficialFanpage.

Mr. Rentoy is the founding Executive Director of Character Education Partnership (CEP) Philippines, founding President of the Thomas Lickona Institute for Asia, an educator and lecturer based in Sri Lanka, and one of the most visible advocates for character formation in the country

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