Webinar on Ethics in Social and Health Science Researches

Ethics is often seen as a prescriptive activity – telling the researcher what he or she cannot do. But in many cases, it can be very freeing. It can affirm that one is doing the right thing.

Ethics is based on values and reasoning, and it uses persuasion to get its message across. The members of the health team as the ultimate arbiter of clinical medical ethics should work in concert with the patient. Their ethical decisions go hand-in-hand with their clinical and technical decisions.

As the health system evolves, ethical decisions should become more challenging. Reasons for healthcare ethics especially in research should be taken seriously by maintaining the respect of patients, or the participants of the study; maintaining clear conscience, and helping resolve issues such as those involving the vulnerable population, to name a few. Ethics add another dimension in making decisions.

The webinar will bring more information and knowledge as to how researchers should prepare and conduct studies in social and health sciences.



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