Webinar on plant-based food products developed by Food Tech students

The School of Food Science and Technology is having their SFST Food Tech Day 2021 Webinar entitled Plant-Based Food Revolution on the Go: Undergraduate Innovative Food Researches on Friday, June 18, 2021 at 1 PM live-streamed on YouTube via PWU_Official.

This is a free webinar geared towards enlightening young minds by showcasing various plant-based food products developed by food technology undergraduate students. The following speakers will present the result of their food researches using plant-based raw materials: Carlea Jastine Rubio Duenas, Angella Estrella Gajo, Aly Rayala, Mark Gregory Patrick Sabado Suyat.

The SFST Food Tech Day is organized by undergraduate students under Ms. Ma. Divina D. Alcasabas with the full support of the Program Chair Dr. Ligaya T Braganza, Ms. Levina Ramirez, Faculty and BSFT students

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