Philippine School of Social Work
Bachelor of Science in Social Work
Master of Science in Social Work
Master of Arts in Social Development
Doctor of Philosophy in Social Development

Bachelor of Science in Social Work - The development of students as generalists empowering individuals, groups, families and communities towards their transformation and liberation from the cycle of poverty through a well integrated program of theory and practice, skills in social analysis, research, advocacy, social action and social legislation.

The students are trained to work with business, government and civil society for an integrated effort to bring about the well being of society.

With the above, the program contributes to the formation of social capital at the base of the socio-economic pyramid, as able participants in social development efforts.

Master of Science in Social Work - The master’s degree program in Social Work develops a core of specialists in the fields of Social Administration, Social Work Education, Advanced Social Work Practice and International Relations Diplomacy.

Graduates of this program are the middle level managers/supervisors of NGOs, GOs and Social Action groups engaged in social work and social development efforts.

Master of Arts in Social Development - The program prepares the students for advocacy in social development issues and advanced practice in working with children, youth and women entrepreneurial management and leadership in social development.

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Development - The doctoral program starts off with the end in view. Students are coached to reflect and identify their leadership role in society at the end of the program. This will then be the direction and focus of the teaching-learning pedagogy contextualized in national ASEAN and global reality from the basic contents to on the job transformatory praxis to field practicum up to the dissertation requirement.

This approach, which is tunnel focused is expected to produce transformed leaders of national, ASEAN and international organization engaged in social and humanitarian work.


The Philippine Women’s University considers the Philippine School of Social work as one of its professional bridges to span the distance between “science on one hand and humanities on the other.” The PSSW strives to provide sound professional training, working towards the integration to classroom studies and field instruction and research.

As early as 1947, undergraduate social work courses were offered by the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences as one of the areas for a major or a minor field of study toward the degrees of bachelor of Arts. In response to the need for professional training of social welfare practitioners, the PSSW was established in 1950.

As the pioneering professional School of Social Work in the Philippines in 1950, the Philippine School of Social Work has, through the decades, stood by this essence in the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs.


Evelyn B. Valencia

My dear graduates,

You have chosen Social Work as your profession. It is one profession that is unique in its essence, purpose and process. It is a profession that aims to promote the growth and empowerment of people, through a well integrated program, for greater social justice where there exist oppression, discrimination and inequality amongst marginalized individuals, families, groups and communities.

Your alma mater has prepared you for this extraordinary mission integrating the core values with the social work curriculum towards societal transformation.

Go forth and make a difference in your service to God, people and country!


Salita, Cora E.

Valencia, Evelyn B.

Abig, Wilma C.

Dr. Manalili, Angelito G.

Pellazo, Maria Elena N.

Sabalboro, Rhea V.


EVELYN B. VALENCIA is currently a faculty member at the Philippine Women’s University who specializes in case management, collaboration and coordination, interviewing, research, administration and supervision, coaching and mentoring, advocacies and trainings. She has extensive experience in welfare services, particularly in child protection, healing and recovery, capacity building, emergency response, organizational development and networking to both government and civil society organization. She graduated with a Masters of Science in Social Work and is a Registered Social Worker. She attended and participated in various international and local conferences related to children in need of special protection and children in emergencies. She is a committee member of the Regional Sub Committee for the Welfare of Children, the Committee on Family and Alternative Parental Care, National Nutrition Council and the Philippine Association of Social Workers.

CORA E. SALITA is a Registered Social Worker whose field of expertise includes the development and implementation of unified development programs for individuals, families and communities with an emphasis on women’s programs. Her practice also involves program development and management, formulation of policies, procedures and business processes, agency and program accreditations, conflict management and work productivity performance measures. She is consistently engaged in the interpretation of social policies and program delivery and is a strong advocate for the increased capacity of poverty and social inclusion programs. She also developed programs for the advancement of persons with disabilities, the elderly and marginalized individuals, as well as the facilitation of community building through partnership, service collaboration, networking and community-based planning.She is a consistent University Scholar and a recipient of the Service and Quality Awards for the successful implementation of emergency energy programs and the Competent Supervisor Award for the proficient execution of managerial responsibilities in Toronto, Canada.

WILMA C. ABIG obtained her Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Bicol University, Tabaco Campus, where she was a recipient of several awards such as Outstanding University Student, Leadership Award, Service Award and Outstanding Thesis Award. She finished her Master of Science in Social Work at the Asian Social Institute, where she was part of the Dean’s List in SY 2009-2010. She was a social worker at Pangarap Foundation, Inc. and a community organizer at Families and Children for Empowerment and Development, Inc. She facilitated various seminars on case management, as well as other workshops related to social work. She attended several trainings in the same field and participated both in local and national conferences. She is currently a member of the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc.

MARIA ELENA N. PELLAZO has extensive experience in the fields of social work administration and management, capacity building and organizational development, as well as staff training and management. She is also an expert in the fields of research and development, community development, community health-care service delivery and sponsorship management and also program coordination and project proposal writing and grant application management. She obtained her BS in Social Work at St. Joseph’s College in Quezon City and is currently completing her thesis for her Masters in Social Work at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, where she is a consistent Dean’s Lister. She is an Awardee of Outstanding Junior Social Worker and ranked Top Seven in the Social Work Licensure Exam in 2006.

RHEA V. SABALBORO is a Registered Social Worker who obtained her Bachelor of Science in Social Work at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) and her Master of Science in Social Work at the Asian Social Institute, Manila, under the school’s residence scholarship program. She was the Assistant Program Manager of Families and Children for Empowerment and Development (FCED) Foundation and became the Over-all Coordinator for the health and livelihood programs, facilitating direct services among children and their families in Paco and Pandacan, Manila. She also served as Training Officer of Childhope Asia Philippines and later on asits Program Manager for the Street Education Program. She has attended several trainings and seminars on children’s rights, psychosocial interventions, family counseling, community organizing, child sexual abuse and exploitation. She also participated in various conferences and consultation meetings concerning children’s issues, both here and abroad.

As the Program Coordinator for the MA and Ph.D programs in Social Development at the Philippine School of Social Work, DR. ANGELITO G. MANALILI brings a wealth of experience to PWU as a multi-awarded Professor and former Dean of the College of Social Work at the University of the Philippines where he was consistently rated among the best teachers in U.P. by his students. “Ka Lito” is a respected researcher, author, community organizer and trainor who counts as his most interesting learning experiences those spent training peasant, fisherfolk, tribal and urban poor organizations. “He teaches from the heart,” and has been described as a “true mentor” who is able to explain complex theories through life lessons much appreciated by his students.