Message from the PWU President

Many of you that I have spoken to have longingly talked about the “glory days” of PWU. Most of the faculty and personnel who have stayed on at PWU also lovingly recall those days. PWU was an educational leader in new fields of endeavor. We received recognition from government and non-government institutions and enjoyed a campus life teeming with worthwhile activities and experiences that made for a memorable education. PWU helped shape national cultural and political life, and produced leaders in the various professions. PWU remains an important cornerstone of Philippine education striving to continue this legacy of excellence while meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

As the new President of PWU, I commit myself to all of you as stakeholders in the university, that I shall do everything possible to live up to the promise of our past glory as leaders in the field of education as we move towards celebrating our centennial in 2019-2020.

Your dependable and invaluable support to PWU and your active participation in our efforts and advocacies will be critical in achieving the ends we have set for ourselves. Together we shall build on the foundation of PWU’s unique and pioneering approach to education that is nationally significant, professionally relevant and community-oriented.

In behalf of the PWU community, I would like to invite you all to come home to PWU.

Dr. Jose Francisco B. Benitez
President, PWU