West Coast Alumni Donation

PWU Alumni Association of Southern California sent a centennial fund donation through Ms. Mel Paredes and Ms. Beth Reyes, who recently handed over a check to PWU president Marco Benitez. The turnover was witnessed by Ms. Lyca Benitez Brown and Ms. Ruth Peñano of the PWU Alumni Relations & Development Office. The funds will be used to help renovate the PWU chapel, as requested by the PWUAASC board.

Message from the PWU President

Many of you that I have spoken to have longingly talked about the “glory days” of PWU. Most of the faculty and personnel who have stayed on at PWU also lovingly recall those days. PWU was an educational leader in new fields of endeavor.



“Are you a Philwomenian?” That was our Facebook tag line and sure enough, we received many “likes” and “shares” from here and abroad. We feel that deep pride in being a Philwomenian.


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