Conrado Benitez Institute for Business Education

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy prepares the student for a successful career in the world of Finance and Business cases with focus on the field of Accountancy. Students are trained to be critical and analytical thinkers through a solid foundation of business math, statistics and financial analysis. Business cases are part of the program where students examine and analyze financial information to gauge the financial health of businesses.

Career Opportunities: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Auditor, Chief Accountant, Loan Officer, Payroll Manager, Stockbroker, Controller, and Financial Analyst.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology is a non-board program that equips students with knowledge in accounting, business, and computer systems, and analytical skills valuable to support organizational performance. Graduates of this program understand the links among operational activity, financial resource generation and consumption, and value generation and preservation.

Career Opportunities: Entry-level jobs such as Junior Analyst, Consulting Staff, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Financial Services Specialist, Junior Accounting Instructor. Graduates with sufficient meaningful work experience can assume positions such as Senior Consulting Manager, Financial Advisory Manager, Financial Services Manager, or Senior Budget Officer.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration equips students to thrive in today’s global business landscape. Students major in either Entrepreneurship or Marketing Management, where they develop a broad understanding of the various facets of management and acquire the skills needed to be career- ready upon graduation.

This program is also available through the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), where an applicant can earn an undergraduate degree by crediting skills and competencies gained through work experiences and supplementing these credits with academic courses in fulfillment of the curriculum.

Career Opportunities: Marketing Manager, Campaign Strategist, Human Resources Manager, and other executive positions in corporate entities, or as entrepreneurs.

The Master in Business Administration (Thesis/Non-Thesis) provides professionals across all disciplines a deeper understanding of corporate governance structures, and equips them with the administrative skills needed to aptly handle managerial functions. Students specialize in either Social Entrepreneurship and Management or Industrial Security Management. Through theoretical and practical applications, they acquire technical and analytical training and skills necessary in formulating sound business solutions. The program includes management courses in the areas of operations, accounting and finance, marketing and human resources, among others. Students are required to conduct research using qualitative and quantitative methods in writing either a thesis (for thesis program) or a case paper (for non-thesis program).

The Master in Public Administration (Thesis/Non-Thesis) prepares the students for executive positions in local and national governments as well as in non-government organizations. It provides a strong foundation in administrative concepts, principles and managerial techniques that enhance their competency level in addressing complex issues in managing public institutions. The program consists of courses in governance, public policy formulation, project management and evaluation, and quantitative techniques. It prepares the students to conduct research using analytical methods in writing either a thesis (for thesis program) or a policy paper (for non-thesis program).

The Doctor in Business Administration is a comprehensive post-graduate program for business management practitioners in the industry, government and the academe who wish to pursue higher academic learning founded on research and practical applications. It aims to raise their competency level and professional credibility through a multi-disciplinary approach. The program covers the multi-disciplines of social and behavioral sciences, entrepreneurship, regulatory policies and legal aspects of business, and other fields of management, culminating in the preparation, presentation, and defense of a dissertation.


  • Business is changing as quickly as the world around it.
  • New information technologies, legislation, and global political and economic realities all affect the world of commerce.
  • Recognizing the need for relevant and well-rounded education, the Philippine Women’s University established the College of Business Administration.
  • It was the first private school to offer a four-year course in business administration in 1978
  • In 1975, CBA was renamed the Conrado Benitez Institute for Business Education (CBIBE) to honor the memory of Dean Conrado Benitez, founder of the College.
  • Continuing the tradition of service and academic excellence, CBIBE produces graduates who are not only equipped with skills for a job market but who also can lead in raising the ethical standards and practices of the business community.


Since 1919, the PWU has made a historical mark in the academic industry. It is known for its graduates who actively participated and contributed through quality service. Many of them have gained recognition and honor in their professions here and abroad.

Do come and visit us and let us help you realize your goals. We have highly competent and committed faculty, complete laboratory facilities and local and international affiliates that will ensure intensive and hands-on training for the students. In the classrooms and laboratories, learning is closely supervised to ensure that students learn the necessary knowledge and skills, and develop positive professional attitudes and values.

Welcome to the PWU family!

  • Abellon, Kimberly Malka M.
  • Atty. Alcaraz, Pauline Breissee Gayle D.
  • Dr. Alejandro, Antonino F.
  • Dr. Baes, Sionida A.
  • Bestoyong, Alfonso S.
  • Atty. Bravo, Mario P.
  • Castillo, Dante L.
  • Dr. Chio, Lilia C.
  • Dr. Co, Robert Y.
  • Dr. Daludado, Ramon N.
  • Atty. Del Rosario, Renz Anthony
  • Dr. Federizo, Dino-Ver A.
  • Dr. Fortuna, Teresita C.
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  • Dr. Pagaduan, Honorata M.
  • Dr. Rosas, Maria Victoria U.
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