PWU-RDO’s Bidlisiw ’s Maiden Issue Now Out; Honors 7 PWU Founders

The Office of Research and Development Office has published online the Maiden May 2021 Issue of Bidlisiw: A Multidisciplinary Scholarly Journal ahead of its print copies.

Its e-copy is available here: Flipbooks Fleep’it

Bidlisiw is PWU’s 4th journal together with PWU Research Journal, Sabangan, and Compendium of PWU Researches.

“Bidlisiw” is an autochthonous Cebuano word, which means “rays of the sun,” in Tagalog “sinag.”

“In a semiotic lens, the rays of the sun signal the coming of the new day and promise. Situating this to research, “bidlisiw” alerts all academic and professional communities to the discovery and the coming of the new sets of information,” shared Dr. Lio Munalim, RDO’s Research Director who chose this Journal title.

“The choice of the Journal title also sits well with the original logo of the Philippine Women’s University, where it illustrates the rays of the candle. Like the “bidlisiw” or the rays of the sun, the light and rays of the candle mark their potent source of inspiration among the educators and scholars in the continual search for knowledge, therefore try to bridge the gap between academic and family life,” he further asserted.

With its Maiden Issue, Bidlisiw logo honors the seven PWU founders: Francisca Tirona Benitez, Paz Marquez Benitez, Clara Aragon Villanueva, Carolina Ocampo Palma, Mercedes Rivera, Concepcion Aragon Santiago, and Socorro Marquez Zaballero. They are represented in the seven women-icons who collectively welcome the coming of the new day.

To be specific – historically – one case that attests to the Filipinos’ confidence in English was the publication of the first modern short story in English written by Paz Marquez Benitez, a Philippine Women’s College founder in 1919. Her short story, ‘Dead Stars’ published in 1925 marked the landmark of the maturity of the Filipino writer in English.

Interested scholars are invited to submit their scholarly papers for publication consideration. Templates are available here: Bidlisiw Templates in Google Drive

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