PWU Main Library – Ramona S. Tirona Memorial Library

Acting University Librarian: Ms. Purita P. Uson

Direct Line: +63(2) 8465-1780 | Trunkline: +63(2) 8526-8421 local 176-177

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About the Library

The library has always been an integral part of the Philippine Women’s College (now Philippine Women’s University) since its founding in 1919. As a repository of knowledge and academic arm of the school, the library was adequately provided by the founders with the collection of materials and necessary facilities. The present university library was named after Professor Ramona Salud Tirona. Ms. Tirona was a teacher, researcher, lecturer, and a writer. She was a member of the Board of Trustees of Philippine Women’s College (now Philippine Women’s University) and later on, she was elected as its Chairman. On different dates, she organized the Department of Home Economics at the UP and PWU and became the first Dean of both departments. She was the first Dean of PWUs College of Education and she is also attributed as the first instructor of “Art Appreciation” in UP and PWU.


The library department envisions to acquire a world-class collection of library resources necessary in the development of holistic capacities of individual, competent leaders and professionals.


To provide a balanced and adequate library resources, a conducive learning atmosphere, and efficient services that will support the academic programs and curricular offerings of the university, as well as the faculty research program.

Sections and Collections

To render more effective library services and to take care of special subject materials, the R.S. Tirona Memorial Library has been divided into various sections and collections:

Circulation Section
Contains all fiction and non-fiction books which may be borrowed for home use.
Reserve Section
Contains the books and other materials assigned as required reading for students.
Internet Room
Houses the computer workstations for Internet surfing.
Reference Section
Contains the general reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, indexes and standard references in the special subject fields.
Periodical Section
Contains the bound and single issues of professional and cultural journals. Current issues of newspapers and magazines as well as materials found in the vertical files may be borrowed from the reference desk.
Music Collection
Books in the field of music and arts, as well as musical scores constitute the collection of this library.
Philwomenian Collection
Contains the publications of PWU such as pamphlets and newspaper clippings about PWU. Materials in this section may be requested from the library staff. They are placed on closed shelves.
Asia Collection
Contains materials about the history and culture of Southeast Asia and Asian countries.
Women’s Collection
Contains the special collection of the University on women in all aspects and in all countries. It includes not only books but also pamphlets, newspaper clippings and other types of informational materials about women.
Social Work Collection
Also known as Aurora Aragon Quezon Memorial Library for community service. Its collection covers mostly the field of social sciences with particular emphasis on social work services
Rare Book Collection
Contains the small but growing collection of the rare books and pamphlets.
Fine Arts Collection
Contains materials on the arts such as painting, philosophy, sculpture, advertising, interior decoration and design and other works of notable artists.

Borrowing Privileges and Policies

  • Circulation
    1. Books for home use found in the Circulation Section are issued for a week and may be renewed for another week if there is no demand for the volumes.
    2. Filipiniana, Library Science and Asia books may be borrowed for two days.
    3. A student is allowed to borrow two books from the circulation collection, one book from the departmental libraries and one book from the reserve section.

  • Reserve Section
    1. A student may borrow one book at a time from the reserve section.
    2. Reserved books with several copies placed in the Reserve Section may be borrowed for overnight use only and over the weekend to be taken out at 5:00 PM and returned at 8:30AM the following day. An overnight slip may be secured from the library assistant/librarian.
    3. Failure to get the reserved books made by the students will deprive them of their borrowing privileges for one week.

  • Books and Other Materials “Not for Home Use”
    Library materials stamped “Not for Home Use” such as General References, Theses, Rare Books, Philwomenian and Filipiniana books with one copy, and Vertical File Collection may be used only within the library premises.

  • Periodicals
    Single and bound issues of current and retrospective periodicals are found in the periodical section. These are arranged alphabetically by titles. Current issues are displayed near the reference section. The periodicals and newspapers are not for home use and they have to be read only in the periodical section of the library

  • Fines
    The fines imposed for overdue books are:
    • Circulation Section
      • Php 5.00 - a day excluding Sundays and holidays
    • Reserve Section
      • Php 5.00 - for the first hour
      • Php 3.00 - for the succeeding hours
      • Php 40.00 - for one day
    Important Note: After the set deadline for returning all books before the final examination, an additional one peso (Php 1.00) will be collected each day aside from the fine rates of an overdue book.

  • Lost and Damaged Book
    1. A lost book must be reported immediately to avoid accumulation of fines.
    2. Book reported lost must be paid for or replaced with the latest edition of the same title not later than 2 weeks after the librarian has been notified of the case.
    3. Books returned with missing pages will be the responsibility of the last borrower.
    4. Books checked out must be scanned carefully. Missing pages, (if there is any) must be reported immediately to the library assistant/librarian so that it will not be the responsibility of the borrower.

  • Examination Week
    Students will not be allowed to borrow books for home use two weeks before the final examination.

How to Borrow Books

  1. Open-Shelf System – The PWU libraries practice the open-shelf system. Borrowers are free to go directly to the shelves and withdraw books they need, except those found in the Reserve Section and Special Collection Sections.Books are arranged on the shelves numerically from 000-900 or by Dewey Decimal Classification and, further, alphabetically, by authors in the same class.

    Dewey Decimal Classification10 Main Classes

    • 000 Generalities
    • 100 Philosophy
    • 200 Religion
    • 300 Social Sciences
    • 400 Language
    • 500 Pure Sciences
    • 600 Technology (Applied Sciences)
    • 700 The Arts
    • 800 Literature
    • 900 General Geography and History

  2. Books not found on the shelves may be out with the students or faculty members. These can also be checked with the library assistant or librarian to determine whether they were transferred to another section other than the indicated place as recorded in the card catalog/OPAC

Rules and Regulations

  • Library Hours
    • Regular Term
      • 8:00AM - 7:00PM, Monday to Friday
      • 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Saturday
    • Summer
      • 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday to Friday

  • General Rules
    1. Observe silence. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise must be avoided.
    2. In order not to annoy other library patrons, such activities as eating, sleeping or doing industrial work are prohibited.
    3. Keep the Library clean. Don’t litter the tables or floor with waste paper and other scrap; use the waste baskets provided for this purpose.
    4. Keep things in order. Push your chair back against the table when you leave the library so it won’t obstruct the movements of others.
    5. After using the books in the circulation room, they should not be returned to their shelves. Leave them on the table or return to the library assistants in the charging desks. (This is to avoid books being misplaced). Individual volumes of multi-volumed General References such as encyclopedias, should be returned to their proper places.
    6. Students should not commit such acts as hiding or stealing books or other library property, tearing out pages of the books or periodicals and forging signatures. More serious misdemeanors are punishable according to the discretion of the Dean and the discipline committee either by dismissal, suspension or expulsion.
    7. Handle books and other materials with care. They are intended to serve a great many users after you.
    8. Cell phones must be placed to silent mode while inside the library.

  • I.D. and Library Borrower’s Card
    1. The I.D. and Library Borrower’s Card are required for every student.
    2. The I.D. and Library Borrower’s Card have to be revalidated every trimester/summer.
    3. Students will be required to present their validated I.D. and Library Borrower’s Card to the library staff when getting inside the library, borrowing the library materials for home use/to be used inside the library.
    4. Tampered I.D. will not be honored. Student caught with tampered I.D. will be suspended from the use of the library facilities for one week.
    5. I.D. and Library Borrower’s Card are non-transferrable. Students caught using borrowed I.D. and Library Borrower’s Card will be deprived of the library privileges. Students who also loaned their I.D. and Library Borrower’s Card will be suspended of their library privileges.

Library Staff (Main and Departmental Libraries)

  • Purita P. Uson – Acting University Librarian
  • Marissa J. Franco – Cataloger/In-charge in Library Computerization
  • Carmina G. Joson – Science Librarian
  • Ladelia D. Pineda – Mira Nila/CBML Librarian
  • Librada G. Simangan – Music Librarian
  • Nolaysa S. Ventanilla – Reference Librarian
  • Ginalyn A. Veriño– Acquisitions Librarian
  • Creasel B. Sison – High School Librarian
  • Romana H. Calanog – Library Aide
  • Marilyn O. Lauron – Administrative Assistant/Library Encoder

Departmental Libraries

  • Graduate School Library
    Contains not only books on the various fields of human knowledge but also copies of theses and dissertations submitted to the PWU Graduate School and other universities. This is located in the main library, mezzanine floor.

  • Science Library
    Contains the collection of books and periodicals in the field of medical and pure sciences such as nursing, chemistry, medical technology, biological sciences, etc. It is located at the 3rd floor of the Nakpil Wing.

  • Teodoro M. Kalaw Memorial Library
    Contains the Filipiniana Collections of the University.

  • High School Library
    Has a wide collection of fiction and non-fiction books as well as audio visual materials. Interesting books useful for the choice of a vocation are also available. Most of the materials are intended for secondary level. This is located at the third floor of the Nakpil Wing.

  • Conrado Benitez Memorial Library
    Located at Mira Nila, Quezon City. Most of the collections are Beniteziana, Filipiniana, and books published in other foreign countries. These are collections of Dean Conrado Benitez, Dr. Francisca Tirona Benitez, Dr. Helena Z Benitez and other Benitez children. Some of the materials are rare books.