The PWU educational system is committed to academic excellence; to the broadening of educational opportunities for all sectors of society and to the molding of effective and responsible professionals and citizens.

Scholarship for PWU Employees

Scholarship and Discounts Available

  1. Alumni Discounts – 10% Tuition Fee (TF) only
    • A graduate of PWU-SHS Grade 12 Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. can avail of a 10% TF only.
    • Must apply for a alumni card
  2. Alumni Scholarships
    1. Alumni Association of Southern California (Final Boost)
      Tertiary student at PWU planning to enroll for the final trimester before graduation but may be unable to do so due to financial condition/situation.
    2. Alumni Association Foundation, Inc. (Final Boost)
      Tertiary student on their final year with graduation expenses. Must have a GWA of 1.75
  3. Academic Scholarship Discounts
    Availment of Discounts are based from the end of the Trimester GWA
    • University Scholar – 100% TF and Miscellaneous Fees
    • University Scholar – 75% TF and Miscellaneous Fees
    • College Scholar – 50% TF and Miscellaneous Fees
    • Dean’s Lister – 25% TF and Miscellaneous Fees
  4. Conrado Benitez Athletic Scholarship
    Application and Training will be endorsed from the Sports Development Office. A GWA of 2.75 is required.
    • Basketball
    • Futsal
    • Pep Squad
    • Table Tennis
    • Volleyball
  5. Honor Discounts
    For incoming Freshmen Students who are on the honor roll and who have achieved the following:
    1. Highest Honor (100-98) – 100% TF and Miscellaneous Fees
    2. High Honor (97-95) – 50% TF and Miscellaneous Fees
    3. With Honor (94-90) – 25% TF and Miscellaneous Fees
  6. Music GAP – For the endorsement from the School of Music
  7. PWD Discount – 20% TF only discount can be availed for those who are incapacitated.
  8. Senior Discount – 20% TF only discount can be availed by a Senior who is studying at PWU
  9. Sibling Discount – For PWU students who have sibling studying at PWU. A 5% TF discount can be availed.
  10. Student Assistantship
    A tuition fee privilege of 15 units will be granted to each Student Assistant (SA).
    Must maintain GWA of 2.25 and will serve 3 hours per day or a maximum of 15 hours per week in the office to which he/she is assigned for the trimester.
  11. Underwood Scholarship
    Full Tuition Fees with Transportation, School supplies Must come from a needy family.
    Must have a GWA of 1.75 with no grades lower than 2.25
    Applications are open on the following School Year
  12. We Rise As One Scholarship (WROS)
    Open for students who have a financial condition affected by the COVID-19.
    Parents both combine annual income must not be more than ₱250,000.00
    GWA will depends on the course taken with Board or Non Board.

More Scholarship Programs

Bukas Tuition Installment Plan
Tabang OFW Program
Edward & Eva Underwood Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
BPI Foundation – Pagpupugay Scholarship
We Rise as One Scholarship

How to Apply:

  1. Register and set up your profile at or download the Bukas app from the Google Playstore. Fill out the loan application and let us know how much you need. Make sure you have your school assessment form, proof of residence and proof of income ready.
  2. You will get feedback in 3-5 business days. Incomplete application and/or revisions may cause delays.
  3. Once your plan is approved, you will be notified via SMS and email. You must login to your account to sign the disclosure form.
  4. Bukas will disburse your tuition fee directly to PWU. Your 1st payment begins 1 month after your plan activates.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen at least 18 years old
  • Must be successfully enrolled in any undergraduate, graduate, ETEEAP program in PWU
  • Must have a guardian at least 21 years old based in the Philippines

Loanable Amount:

  • Up to 100% of your term’s tuition fee; Full or Partial tuition coverage available
  • Students can have more than one (1) Bukas tuition installment plans for multiple term coverage

Interest Rate and Terms:

  • 1.45% monthly interest rate with tuition fee payable in up to 12 monthly installments. Check for a sample computation.

For the Guidelines on the Implementation of the Tabang OFW: Tertiary Education Subsidy for Dependents of Displaced Repatriated /Deceased Overseas Filipino Workers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic for AY 2020-2021, you may check the details at UniFAST Facebook page

You may submit your applications through this link:

For further inquiries, you may contact the following hotlines:
OWWA Hotline: 1348

DOLE Command Center
Email Address:

Cellular Numbers:

  • (Smart) 0961 595 8438
  • (Globe) 0905 253 5680

Landline Numbers::

  • (02) 8568 0986
  • (02) 8568 0984
  • (02) 8527 3476
  • (02) 8527 3525
  • (02) 8527 2115
  • (02) 5309 6605
  • (02) 8353 8067

DOLE-Bureau of Local Employment (BLE):

  • (02) 8527 2539

Guidelines for A.Y. 2021-2022 is available on our website (

Forms are available for download through these links:

  1. Fully-accomplished application form (
  2. Fully-accomplished data privacy form (
  3. If the medical frontliner is deceased: Affidavit of Endorsement and of No Objection (Next of Kin) (
  4. If the medical frontliner is still living: Affidavit of Endorsement and of No Objection (Frontliner) (

We Rise As One Scholarship


  • Incoming 1st year college students, transferee student for School Year (SY) 2020-2021
  • Grade Point Average 85%
  • Belongs to a family with an annual income range of at least ₱250,000 per year


  • Senior High School Grade 12 Report Card (Photocopy)
  • Transferee TOR / Certificate of True Copy of Grades
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (Original and Photocopy)
  • PSA Certified Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
  • Four (4) colored 1.5” x 1.5” ID Picture
  • ITR and Certificate of Employment (indicating Salary)


  • 100% Tuition Subsidy (only miscellaneous and other fees will be charged)

Interested applicants may register at PWU Admissions Office or send an email to the PWU Scholarship office at:

Ongoing applications. Please submit as limited slots are available per course offerings.

Priority will be provided to applicants whose parents and guardians were financially affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Qualified applicants will be called and notified for the next steps.

Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) Consolidated List of Student Loans

Non-Government Organization (NGO)

All questions can be directed to the Scholarship Office under the Office of the VP for External Affairs (VPEA) at PWU.

For further inquiries, please call and/or email the following: