Student Support

The integration of Student Services brings together a wide range of professional skills which aims to build high quality support available to students and develop strategically to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.

Student Services are here to support students who have personal, financial, health, disability or work related problems.

Student Services also seek to help all students to learn the personal skills they need to build the lives and careers they want for themselves, from problem solving to understanding teams, from mental well being and coping with stress. Being at PWU is about seeking out and responding to opportunities in all spheres of life, not just academic work, but Student Services support that search whether things are going well.

Registrar’s Office

University Registrar: Fernan C. Glemao

Trunkline: +63(2) 8526-8421 local 167/169

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the academic records of students, preserving and safeguarding the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and security of the student information system and of students’ academic records. It upholds the school’s value of integrity and honesty while supporting its instructional mission by providing quality support services responsive to the needs of the academic community.

It enforces government and school regulations regarding entrance requirements, enrollment load, transfer, promotions, subject sequence, graduation,suspension or dismissal of students and other disciplinary measures. It also attends to the transactions with internal and external offices/agencies on matters related to the function of this office.

This office issues certifications, grades, transcript of records, transfer certificates, clearances and diplomas to its students. It consolidates class schedules prepared each term and plans/executes registration procedures in coordination with heads of academic offices.

Documents Application Guidelines (New Normal)

  1. Download the Application Form
  2. Fill-out and send the duly accomplished Application Form to Registrar <>
  3. Assessed Application Form / General Clearance Form will be emailed to you once cleared by Finance Office.
  4. Pay the required fee online or thru direct deposit then scan and email the proof of payment to Finance Office for verification at When payment is posted, this will serve as Official Receipt (refer to our Modes of Payment page)
  5. For General Clearance, continue processing your application online by sending the assessed Form to the Departments concerned for e-signature.*
  6. Email the Official Receipt to the Registrar together with the signed Application Form / Completely Signed General Clearance.
  7. Tentative date of mailing requested document/s will be sent. Please note that processing may take time because of the skeletal workforce.
  8. When mailing is done, notice will be sent with the tracking number.

If you have some clarifications, please don’t hesitate to call +63 (2) 8526-8421 local 169.


  • Request for second copy of Diploma will require notarized affidavit.
  • Request for Certificate of Transfer Credential will require a letter of intent signed by the dean.
  • Request for Certified True Copy of Documents will require the Original and Photocopy of the Documents.
* List of Offices and Respective Emails
Dean / Department Head Respective Dean’s Email
Guidance Office
Medical / Dental Clinic
Student Affairs Office
Discipline Office
Alumni Office (Graduated)

(Select monetary currency below to view rates)

Processing Fee for Registrar Documents – Philippine Peso Amount
Inclusive of documentary stamps
Documents Price
Diploma ₱560.00
Certificate of Completion (Short Term Courses)
Training Certificate
(Short Term Courses)
Note: Request for second copy for above documents will be required to submit notarized affidavit
Transcript of Records ₱560.00
School Authentication ₱300.00/set
  • Units earned
  • Mode of Instruction
  • Enrollment
  • Graduation
  • Special Order
  • Other Certificate
  Certification of Grades
  (1 to 2 terms only)
Correction (of name, birth date, birth place, etc.) ₱70.00
Course Description
to be requested by the students from respective schools/department
Certification Authentication Verification (CAV) - for Bachelor’s, Master’s, & Doctorate only
  • Graduated (original and photocopy)
    • Transcript of Records, Diploma, Certification of Graduation or Special Order
    • R.L.E. for BS Nursing Graduate
  • Undergraduate (original and photocopy)
    • Transcript of Records and Certification of Enrollment
  • Processing Fee: ₱ 300.00/set (follow-up after 2 weeks to 1 month)
Mailing Fees
Registered Mail
  • Local
  • International
  • ₱ 200.00
  • ₱ 650.00
Courier (DHL)
  • Local
  • International

  • ₱ 250.00
  • ₱ 2500.00
Processing Fee for Graduating Students
Inclusive of documentary stamps
Transcript of Records (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) ₱560.00
Diploma (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) ₱560.00
Certifications OF Graduation ₱160.00
Authentications (3 sets) ₱900.00
Alumni Card ₱200.00
Graduation Fee ₱1,800.00
TOTAL ₱4,180.00

INTERNATIONAL FEE for School Documents
Inclusive of documentary stamps
(Effective August 29, 2017)
TOTAL $50.00
(Short Term, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral)
OTHERS $5.00


The PWU educational system is committed to academic excellence; to the broadening of educational opportunities for all sectors of society and to the molding of effective and responsible professionals and citizens.

We Rise As One Scholarship

More information poster HERE

Scholarship for PWU Employees

University Community Outreach Program (UNICORP)


“Developing and Empowering People”

The University Community Outreach Program (UNICORP) is Philippine Women’s University’s Advocacy Center for Community Development and Volunteerism. As the community service extension arm of PWU, UNICORP assists in bringing PWU’s know-how and services to communities who are in need. It intensifies the University’s commitment to developing and empowering people by engaging communities and improving the lives of the marginalized and underprivileged in society.

UNICORP is not part of a mandatory university curriculum but an alternative activity presented to the academic body - an alternative that is in fact a logical extension of PWU’s philosophy that education for useful citizenship, can only be effective when carried beyond classroom walls. While major components of education are Teaching (Academic) and Research, equally important is Community Outreach, the third component which provides unique and significant opportunities for a holistic education.

Since the University’s founding in 1919, for more than nine decades, young women and men have been taught civic consciousness, community leadership and commitment to service. The university believes that in line with preparing students for useful citizenship, they should participate actively in community living and keep in touch with the realities of the rest of the world beyond classroom walls. It is through UNICORP that the university infuses its students with the spirit of volunteerism in their commitment to community service.

Established in 1975, UNICORP was PWU’s response to a call for assistance in creating an integrated multi-sectoral approach to urbanization and social development. UNICORP was formally organized as a Private Volunteer Organization (PVO) to assist the National Housing Authority in the effort to improve its relocation thrust towards urbanization. The first batch of relocated families in Dasmarinas Bagong Bayan Area A-1 in Cavite were the beneficiaries of UNICORP services rendered by volunteers from the various PWU disciplines of Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, Nutrition, Education and Medical Technology.

In succeeding years of service to UNICORP has continued to fulfill its mission through volunteer work of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University. The administration’s support for UNICORP’s efforts has been complemented by partnerships with government units, private individuals or NGOs.

In late 2012, UNICORP initiated a process of re-organization to expand the reach of community engagement and meet the challenge of the new leadership at PWU to prioritize community engagement and its interconnectivity with research.

The partnership with SINAG (Simulan Natin Gumawa) gradually became a major factor in the re-organization of UNICORP as early explorations for joint community development activities paved the way for PWU’s School of Music, School of Hospitality Management, and the Allied Health cluster to proceed with their respective community outreach activities within SINAG’s areas of responsibility in Balara, Quezon City. More recently the volunteers from School of Fine Arts and Design, School of Education and the School of Arts and Sciences have begun their respective outreach activities according to their specific skills and interests.

In the coming years UNICORP’s community engagement agenda is as follows:

  • To undertake community extension activities with capacity-building programs that focus on community participation, leadership-training and an envigorated spirit of volunteerism.
  • To undertake long-term partnerships wherein the PWU volunteer community of faculty, staff, students and alumni may effectively be involved according to their respective abilities, skills and interests.
  • To support and prioritize both long-term and short-term community involvement in activities that maximize the specific expertise within the various schools and units of the University.

Marketing & Student Recruitment / Admissions Office

Tel No. +63 (2) 8526-8421 local 112

Admission and Recruitment Office facilitates the dissemination of information regarding the University’s brand of education, its course offerings, and its admission requirements prior to enrollment.

Office of the Registrar
PWU Nutrition Clinic
Unicorp / NSTP
Marketing and Student Recruitment / Admissions Office